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Why Join WRCC? Return on Investment. Whether you're running a small business or a large corporation, you measure every penny you spend against this standard. WRCC understands. That's why we're proud to bring innovative member benefits and programs that provide measurable returns. We invite you to learn more, and let us help your business grow! As a member, you'll enjoy:

Customer Referrals. Thousands of local residents and visitors seeking information on local businesses and services are directed to our members every year.

Free Website Listing. Your business name will be featured on the chamber of commerce website, www.mywrcc.com.

Business Assistance. Get free, confidential counseling and business advice through our network of local, state, and federal assistance resources.

Western Rockingham's Visitor Center! The Chamber has more than 2000 customers and visitors stop by our office each month along with thousands of hits on our website each month.

Year-round Networking Opportunities. Great opportunities to network with hundreds of other WRCC members. The casual Chamber Coffee events held monthly in settings across Western Rockingham County, our seasonal Chamber After-hours events or our Annual WRCC Awards Dinner. Also our Cruisefest, Summer Cruise-Ins, and the Largest Yard Sale Ever, Really!

Still More Great Benefits! Free subscription to the monthly Western Flyer Newsletter, the Chamber boardroom is available for rent to member businesses. Plus our monthly local radio show and the chamber office street display. All these benefits-and your membership dues are tax deductible as a business expense!

 Membership Classifications & Fees

Individual* (Not a business)
Financial (Banks)
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 1 to 2 Employees
Note: RCC & RCS **
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 3 to 5 Employees
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 6 to 20 Employees
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 21 to 75 Employees
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 76 to 100 Employees
Professional, Industrial & Commercial 100 Plus Employees
$302.50 for first 100 employees + $0.55 for each additional. Part-time are counted two for one ***
* Individual Memberships are available to individuals not normally in business, but have an interest in the economic progress of Western Rockingham County.
** Rockingham Community College and Rockingham County Schools: Annual dues set at the business entry level by earlier joint aggreement of the three county chambers of commerce.
*** Part-time Employees: Part-time employees are only counted if they work 20+ hours per week. Two part-time employees are then counted as one full-time.
**** Separate Membership Requirement: A separate and independent membership in the Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce is required when one or more of the following conditions exist:
   1)  A new member owned business requires a separate physical address/location.
   2)  A new member owned business requires a separate business license.
   3)  A new member owned business requires a separate listing with the chamber.
The Separate membership Requirement does not apply if a current member adds a new branch and/or location to an existing business. ( Amended 5/25/00)
Dues may be paid annually, semiannually, or quarterly. The chamber year is defined as the calendar year (January- December)

Member Application

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